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YWLA! You Will Live Again is a Christian Logo Flag that represents our faith as Christians and
what we believe. It is also the logo flag that helps like believers and or those who believe in life
after life to identify with each other. It is a Christian Logo Flag that is imperfect. The word You is
backwards on the flag to represent its imperfection because we are imperfect as a people. There
are 3 nails on the letter Y of the word You to remind us of our Lord's sacrifice and as he lives
again, you will too. The star represents the birth of Christ our Lord, the cross represents the
crucifixion, and the exclamation mark represents the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. The
wavy lines on the flag represent the good news and the multicolored squares represent the flags all
across the world. The rainbow colors represent God's promise and a God that is of all colors.
YWLA! Is not a brand, it's a promise! It's another way to spread the good news of the gospel all
over the world. YWLA! also offers a service for you to personalize merchandise or even balloons
for your love ones to let go up in the heavenly skies as a YWLA! Celebration when they
transition. So represent the faith. Identify with like believers. Rejoice, feel, and heal with YWLA!
clothing and merchandise.


*A portion of all purchases go back into spreading the good news of the gospel. Thank you all in
advance for your contributions and your help in spreading the good news. God Bless!

Please allow at least 2 weeks for all standard orders. Rush orders or special orders may require an
additional fee.

Dante Frost



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